A major trend in today’s media world – is staff cutting – especially among experienced personnel. This is especially true in the newspaper, television and digital industries and even more significantly among marketing and research staff.

The overall negative effect is a newspaper’s loss in both revenue and audience share.

Today’s sales teams are taking more responsibility for revenue, delivering more strategic recommendations and striving to close more business more efficiently. Effective marketing research achieves this goal quickly and easily.

The fastest growing companies are using alternative marketing and research staffing to grow revenue. They are embracing the shift from market research as an expense or a cost center to a revenue generator.

Research Director On Demand – is a cost efficient option

  • An alternative to replacing and finding experienced research staff.
  • A timely way of getting the sales staff back to selling – hitting the streets with research selling opportunities.
  • Full market and media research/analysis services when you need them.
  • Years of experience in print, broadcast and digital.
  • Best-practice expertise in research and presentations.
  • Real-time insight and assistance for sales proposals and one sheets.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading research and data sources.
  • Other research services include circulation and audience analysis.
  • Price competitive – offering lower prices for your research needs.

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